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Gone are the days that you have to upload your CV on job boards again. Talent Share is an technology platform that provides members massive benefits that are currently unparalleled in a highly competitive job market, talent share is and equal opportunity platform.
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Online biographies prove to be much more valuable than CVs in 2019.
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Online biographies prove to be much more valuable than CVs in 2019

The job market has changed a lot over the last five years, and now, it is more important than ever to incorporate everything from social media and networking events to online job boards in your search. Obviously, this calls for something more impactful than just a two-page CV. According to Talent Share, a digital recruitment

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Talent Share will NOT store or except any CV’s

Why is a bio more important than a CV or Curriculum vitae? Most job seekers understandably think that their CV is their most important written job search tool. Why? Because most people associate CV’s with landing their next job. CV are important, even critical, to your ultimate goal of landing your next job. However, CV’s are best used only when you are applying

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Why is Posting Your CV on Job Boards a Bad Idea?

Why is Posting Your CV on Job Boards a Bad Idea? Most job seekers will start by posting their CV’s on job boards. This will require job seekers into the sharing of their personal details like his or her name, surname, residential address, current place of employment, cellphone number and their id number. Placing your

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I must say the biography concept is and awesome idea! As I value my privacy

What a great and user friendly platform, thank You team TS

Excellent service – Thank You team Talent Share!

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