About Nashua Kopano

About Nashua Kopano
Nashua Kopano was established in 1998 and is a black-owned business solutions provider.  The company has secured a large market share in office automation and business solutions, since the merger with Nashua’s direct selling operations in 2005.

Nashua has managed to achieve iconic brand status through the philosophy of cultivating “lifetime customers”. For this reason, Nashua Kopano is committed to customer satisfaction and work excellence.

Nashua Kopano is a BEE office automation company and offers competitive technical support to its client base. With high quality products and services, Nashua Kopano offers customers professional end-to-end solutions for all office automation requirements.

The sales staff undergoes regular training to fully understand new trends and products, and can always suggest the best solutions to existing and prospective customers. Training is provided through Nashua Limited, and is regarded as the best in the industry.

Nashua Kopano is part of a franchise network of 38 franchises, with over 60 offices nationwide.


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