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Posting a biography on Talent Share

How to write a short professional biography |  (Watch VIDEO)

The following Information is required when uploading a biography, do not provide any personal information of yourself within your biography.

Remember that an online biography is a document you control.

  • You can tell a story in the way you want it to be told.
  • You can update your online biography whenever you like.
  • You can use the online biography to build a professional community.
  • You can reach out via an online biography to connect with like-minded people.
  • You can set your own DATE BIO EXPIRE

Do mention the following information about yourself within your biography.

  • Do upload your profile picture (Optional)
  • Do mention your name & surname 
  • Do mention your current job title.
  • Do mention your total work experience and skills.
  • Do mention your major achievements.
  • Do mention your education.
  • Do mention if you are a south African citizen or not.

Do not provide the following information in your bio – biography.

  • Do not provide your ID number in the biography.
  • Do not provide your CV in the biography. (Will be e-mail requested)
  • Do not provide your current place of residence. (Home address)
  • Do not provide your marriage status.
  • Do not provide your number of dependents.
  • Do not provide your landline or cellphone numbers.

Sample from Accountant Bio Template

_____________ (your name) is a/an ____________ (your professional designation, e.g. Certified Public Accountant; Chartered Accountant; Certified Internal Auditor; Controller; Chief Financial Officer) and a/an/the ____________ (your position title, if different from your professional designation e.g. owner; founder; President; Principal; Staff Tax Preparer; Taxation Department Head) at __________ (name of company or organization), a/an ___________ (description of your company or organization, e.g. full- service accounting firm; tax practice; accounting consultancy; private equity audit firm) in _____________ (location).
__________ (your name) joined __________ (your current company or organization) in _____ (year). In his/her current role, he/she is a __________ (your specialty) specialist. This involves __________, as well as __________ (describe your main services in language your clients will understand, e.g. setting up small business accounts; advising…

Sample from Chef Bio Template

___________ (your name) is the _________ (e.g. new, innovative, popular, creative) ___________ (your job title, e.g. Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Chef/Owner,
Sous Chef) at __________(restaurant) in _______ (city). Since taking over as _________ (job title), he/she has made the menu his/her own by introducing a _______ (fresh, modern, contemporary, edgy) new take on _______ (style) cuisine. At __________ (name of current restaurant), __________ (your name) is responsible for __________, __________, _________ (your main responsibilities e.g. creating and implementing seasonal special event and restaurant menus; overseeing a staff of over ___ (number) employees; handling the food and liquor purchases for the entire operation), and related activities. Prior to joining ____________ (name of current restaurant), __________ (your name) was the __________ (job title) at ___________ (restaurant) in _________ (city). In that position, ________’s (your name) responsibilities ranged from…


Example of how to Write a Professional Biography for a Management Consultant.

NEW TREND IN TALENT SOURCING  (Job seekers)  (Companies & Recruiter)

You need to quickly establish your expertise and credentials within your biography.

A company considering hiring you needs to know that they are choosing the right candidate, one whose background and industry experience matches their needs for the project at hand or Job vacancy. While a CV used to be sufficient to establish a candidate’s credibility, a well written professional biography is now the preferred way to summarize who they are and what they can do for the company. 

Your bio-biography should include the following:

Your name & surname, job experience, skills and educational background. While this obviously includes the basics (Like an MBA from UCT), a biography is an excellent place to showcase your continuing business education, any certifications or other qualifications, and related abilities such as mediation or operational experience. A biography is also, a good place to mention any teaching or adult experience you possess, since these skills are often useful in helping work with staff.

In today’s modern business climate, many companies are trying to do a great deal with limited resources, attempting to stay “lean and “mean” while still achieving their goals and objectives, often without sufficient staff who possess the necessary expertise. Whether in the area of technology, financials, sales, marketing, or long-term planning, a crackerjack consultant is often what’s needed.

But in order for your biography to be seen, you need to convey your full potential. An effective professional biography is one of your most important marketing tools to achieve optimum exposer for yourself.

Sample from Marketing Bio Template

 ____________ (your name) is ____________ (your job title) for ____________(name of your field e.g. engineering and manufacturing; defence and aerospace; information technology; publishing) with specific responsibility for ______________ (the department/s for which you are accountable e.g. automotive parts; strategic accounts; global sales; on-line sales) at _________ (name of your employer/company). He/she brings over ____ (number) years of marketing, sales and public relations expertise to ________ (company). He/She has worked for a variety of advertising and marketing firms developing ____________, _____________ and ______________ (type of programs, e.g. integrated marketing, public relations, branding, sales promotion) programs for ____________ and ____________ (type of clients, e.g. small business, consumer, government) clients in industries such as ____________, ____________, ____________, and ____________ (names of industries, e.g. insurance, health care, consumer goods, e-commerce, utilities, environmental science, financial services). Representative clients include ___________, ____________, _____________, ____________, and many more. In his/her current role, _______________ (your name) CHOOSE EITHER: leads a team of ___________ (number) staff AND/OR works __________ (examples of work, e.g. to initiate research projects with customers; to organize and lead market expansion strategies; to analyze potential markets). To achieve this, _______________ (your name) uses his/her… 

How to write a short professional bio  (Watch VIDEO)

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