Why is Posting Your CV on Job Boards a Bad Idea?

Why is Posting Your CV on Job Boards a Bad Idea?

Most job seekers will start by posting their CV’s on job boards. This will require job seekers into the sharing of their personal details like his or her name, surname, residential address, current place of employment, cellphone number and their id number.

Placing your CV on job boards seems like and good idea, given that you can’t possibly investigate every job opportunity out there. If you post your CV in enough places, then it will give employers a greater chance in finding your CV…right? Unfortunately, putting your CV on job boards doesn’t actually increase your chances of landing a job.

Let me explain why.  

  1. Desperation – When you start posting your CV on job boards, you’re basically announcing to the world that you’ve exhausted all your other options and are desperate for employment, which managers don’t necessarily want. There is a widespread belief (whether it’s true or not is another question) that anyone posting their CV on a job board must have some fatal flaw, otherwise they would have been hired through traditional channels. By publicly announcing, “I need a job”, your CV may actually be turning employers off.
  2. Lack of Specificity – Employers want passionate employees, and those candidates who post a generic CV on job boards are basically saying that they are happy to take anything. Employers also want to know about specific skill sets that are relevant for each available position. A generic CV doesn’t offer them the real information about your abilities that they want to see.
  3. Exclusivity – Once you submit your CV and put it out into the world, you essentially lose control of it. It can be spread from that job board to other affiliate websites without your knowledge, which means you won’t be able to update it when conditions in your professional life change. Furthermore, if you begin posting your CV on job boards, there’s nothing to keep your current employer from seeing it, thereby informing him that you’re looking for another job. Everyone does it, but telling your boss (even accidentally) isn’t always a good idea.
  4. Spam Magnet – Putting your CV on a job board almost always means you will begin receiving spam in many forms – phone calls, emails, or direct mail. In a perfect world, job boards would only be for finding viable job candidates, but unfortunately, many marketing companies use job boards to find personal details about potential consumers and distribute their marketing material to you based on what they find on your CV and that could include cyber criminals as well.
  5. Maintain Your Privacy – You don’t want anyone knowing your personal or professional details unless they represent a viable and legitimate job opportunity. Posting of and biography or bio of yourself on APSO Talent Share, for example, will be enough to attract potential recruiters or employers.


However, once you upload your CV to any job board then it will become public. Remember, you are a valuable resource that is in demand; the only people who should know your full work history and personal details should be legitimate recruitment agencies and registered APSO recruitment agency members via www.apso.co.za and employers in South Africa.

  1. The following format are used when uploading a candidate’s bio on the APSO Talent Share platform by recruitment agencies. Agencies will NOT provide any personal or professional information pertaining to their candidates.


  1. Recruitment Agencies will provide:

The job title of his or her candidate.

The job seekers availability.

The job seekers salary expectations and benefits.

The job seekers experience and skills.

The job seekers degree and certifications.

The job seekers preferred work location.


  1. Recruitment Agencies will NOT provide the following information of the job seeker on the APSO Talent Share platform | www.apsotalentshare.co.za

The job seekers name and surname in the biography or bio.

The job seekers id number.

The job seekers current residential address.

The job seekers current or previous place of work.

The job seekers CV in the biography or bio.

The job seekers ethnic group in the biography or bio.


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